Work from home tips for you for better productivity


The entire world is moving to remote working amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic. In this blog, we focus on what you should do to keep your spirits and work productivity high while working from home

Some work from home tips

The COVID-19 crisis has led to the maximum Canadian workforce sitting at home and the organizations have told their employees to work-from-home. The public health officials have also told the Canadians to practice ‘Social Distancing’ in order to slow down the spread of coronavirus and flatten the curve of casualties. People are now working remotely and the concept of work from home is suddenly in fashion. But what do you do while working from home? How do you motivate yourself to work-from-home and give all your efforts as you do in the office? Well, we take a look at certain work from home tips and ways in which this can be done.

Try to follow your daily routine

working from home tips

It is easy to get bogged down while working from home. What we suggest is do not tinker with your routine and follow the normal daily routine that you would if you were going to the office. All of a sudden, there are no colleagues around you, there is no rapport among your colleagues and adjusting to this needs a huge shift of mentality and attitude. If you wear a suit while going to the office, wear a suit before sitting in your living room or on the dining table. We won’t go as far as telling you to wear the shoes while working from home but make sure you are motivated by your outfit. If you’re in your household clothes, you might just not be able to work in those lazy settings. So, wake up at a set timing, have your breakfast as per the set routine and start working as per your office timings. We believe that this is perhaps the foundation of working from home and being motivated for it.

Set your daily work location

productivity tips for working from home

It is very important to allocate a place inside your house for working. You cannot be choosing different places to work and expect to work with full energy and motivation. It could lead to a lapse in the concentration and the work output might not be 100 percent. Make sure you have a water bottle beside you and create a good working atmosphere for yourself to thrive in. If you sit close to the bed, you might just want to take a quick nap every now and then. If you sit close to the door, you might be disturbed by people coming in and going out of the house. Choose your workplace carefully and stick to it every day.

Manage your kids and relatives during work hours

manage kids working from home

If you have kids at home, make sure they don’t disturb you. If you are about to do a video call or conference call, make sure that the kids are definitely not there around you. You don’t want your kid to interfere while your boss or team leader is giving you inputs, isn’t it? Well, you can save yourself a lot of embarrassment. If you have any other relatives around you, make sure that you are sitting at a place where they don’t disturb you. That’s why the above point of setting your work location is very important when you want to work from home.

Make sure you socialize every day

Sitting at home for the entire week can be daunting but make sure that you make full use of the social media channels as well as work platforms like Slack to interact with your colleagues while you work and get as close to the workplace environment as possible. You have Skype and Hangouts for your calls and that’s a great way to connect with your team via video calling and stay updated with each other’s progress.

Maintain a log of your work hours

As you are working from home, you often tend to find extra time that you usually utilize for traveling to the office and then back home. What inevitably happens is that you tend to put in more work hours and burn yourself. Do not overwork and keep a track of how much you are working and what you are working on. Working from home can often go haywire and you tend to end up going over and above the normal work hour limit. It’s important to not under work nor overwork. That’s why keep a track of everything you do related to your office work. It will help you organize your work life in a better and efficient manner.

Everyone is in a similar situation during the COVID-19 crisis and people are working from home to make sure that the work goes ticking and the businesses or organizations run smoothly. Some people are good at it while some are not that good.

This writeup is an effort to motivate and encourage people to work-from-home and do it in a right and effective manner. 



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