What to do if you lose your job


The COVID-19 has impacted the economy massively and has affected businesses adversely. Several people are losing their jobs and are facing uncertainty. In this blog, we take a look at what you can do if you lose your job

Things to do if you lose your job

As the impact of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 increases day-by-day, the world is slowing down and people are being affected in ways more than one. While most of the people are working from home, there are a few job profiles where a work-from-home option isn’t feasible. There has been a significant increase in the layoffs and those who depend on the daily wages for their survival are in deep trouble and are looking at the government for meeting ends daily.

While the government has announced an $82 billion package to help people and businesses in this situation of financial slowdown and health crisis, people who have been laid-off or are in danger of losing out on their job, are worried and panicking to the core. Amidst this difficult situation, Chango wants to point out certain things that you can do if you lose out on a job.

Keep applying on job portals

what to do if you lost your job

We understand that jobs are hard to find in this situation but you just never know. There are so many companies hiring people and putting them on work-from-home during their onboarding period. There are companies and organizations that hire looking at the long-term potential in a candidate and if you happen to match the profile that has been advertised by the company, you might just get the gold. Do not give up. Just keep customizing your resumes and keep your applications going.

Identify the job portals that suit you

Job portals like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor and many others have plenty of jobs on their dashboard and there’s a job for every industry. Also, LinkedIn is also a great tool to network, build professional relationships and apply for jobs. We just hope you don’t lose your existing job but if you lose it under unfortunate circumstances, don’t lose hope. We know it is painstakingly hard but stay positive and go for it once again.

Here’s a list of best job portals that offer remote work opportunities:

Keep upgrading your skills

self isolation job search

We understand that self-isolation would get boring. But while you are applying for new jobs, it is always a good idea for you to upgrade your skills through several online courses and open educational academies. There are Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and plenty of certificate or diploma courses that you can complete while sitting at home; all you need is a laptop or a tablet or mobile phone and some good internet.

Online courses and their benefits

Online platforms like edX Coursera, Udemy and others are offering online courses at discounted rates in this pandemic situation to encourage more engagement in online education and you might just want to take advantage of it. There are a few courses that are free of cost too. Not only will you upgrade your skills, but you will also have an additional certificate to mention in your resume while applying for the next job. Yes, the current situation is negative but we can always try to find some positives and the fact that you might get your own time to complete additional certifications is one of those.

Here’s a list of websites that offers good value for money online courses

Stay on top of your financial game

The biggest impact of the COVID-19 has been the loss of employment and those depending on their monthly income and surviving on the edge of it are severely affected. If you have lost your job, make sure that you spend wisely in order to sustain during the unforeseen circumstances if you don’t get the job soon enough.

Though the government has announced several benefits in the form of the COVID-19 aid package, the chances are that it’ll take 2-3 weeks at least till the money is deposited in your bank account, that is if you qualify for it at first. If you do not qualify for one of those benefits for any reason, you must start saving from now and cut down on your luxury expenditure. Right now, money saved is as good as money earned.

Stay positive and make good use of the time

productivity under quarantine

Everything’s not over if you have lost your job. If you are in a mental block and are under immense stress to get a new job, we recommend that you take some time off and get some entertainment as well. Be it listening to songs, playing with your kids or watching movies or episodes of a web series, we feel that it is necessary to take some time off and divert yourself. Constant fear, stress and panic during this COVID-19 situation might lead to an emotional outburst or a nervous breakdown and can impact your family members too. If you are positive, people around you will remain positive too.

How do you apply for the COVID-19 aid package?

If you have lost your job during the COVID-19 crisis situation and are looking for emergency care benefits, visit the official government website and check out if you are eligible or not. If you are eligible, start applying right away as the number of applications is bound to increase with every passing day.

To sum it up, we understand how hard it must be to lose your job amidst a crisis that nobody saw coming a couple of weeks back. We also know that this will put immense pressure on the finances and that people will have to adjust their living standards massively. But in times where almost everyone is feeling the effects of COVID-19 and is under immense stress, we wanted to remind that all’s not over yet and that you can fight this situation and make a comeback. Like the virus, positivity is also infectious. The more optimistic you are, the more mentally strong you’ll be!

To all of you, all the best, stay safe and we wish that you always stay on top of your finance game and for latest updates, sign up for Chango.



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