Websites that pay you for free

Bill Gates once said that he would always “hire a lazy person to do a difficult job” at Microsoft. Why? “Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

Who knew it was too true that its actually good!

Online money making sites without investment

You have no idea how many scammy websites do I see on the internet as I do my research for various topics (and finding recipes too) about lose weight fast using this one doctor-proved techniques… like bish please!

websites that pay you

But the sites I am going to mention below are as legitimate as you and me, and I have cross checked my sources. So here’s to making money online without investment:


Zirtual is a virtual assistant platform where all busy people can find someone to do mundane or repetitive tasks.

making money online without investment

What you have to do to earn money as a Zirtual assistant is be like a personal assistant, but work flexibly, according to your daily schedule. Tasks can be as simple as paying bills or booking travel tickets for your “employers”.

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is owned by Amazon and is a crowdsourcing platform where companies can have some of their needs completed. It’s also a virtual assistant kinda platform, but requires you to do some simple technical tasks to get paid.

Websites that pay you for free

User Testing

User Testing is a site which allows people like you and me to earn money by simply voicing out your opinions and thoughts about user experience and interface of different websites.They pay you like $10 per task (which gets completed in like 20 minutes).

Websites that pay you for free

Websites that pay you to watch ads

Let me tell you why people HATE watching ads. That’s because they aren’t paid to watch them, unlike you. Here’s to the websites that pay you to watch ads.


Cashcrate is a rewards program where all you have to do to start earning money is complete survey, offers and trials. When it comes to paying you, Cashcrate will keep 25% of the income generated and give you the rest. Not bad, I would say.

websites that pay you to wach ads - cashcrate


With Perk, you literally earn rewards for the things you do everyday. That’s their tagline! All you have t o do is watch videos or play games or answer questions to get “Perk Points”. After the Perk Points add up to a particular level, you can swap them to get coupons. gift cards and even the Perk Plastic pre-paid debit card!

websites that pay you to watch ads -perk


CreationsRewards is another rewarding platform  where you can earn free gift cards for taking surveys, watching videos, exploring websites, taking offers and refer friends and family members to try out sites. You get CR points, and after you redeem them, you get gift cards to your favorite store.

websites that pay you to watch ads - creationsrewards

Top paying survey sites

I’ll be honest here : I love giving feedback. Not because I get paid for it (haha, not all the time), but because I essentially understand how important feedback is in anyone’s life or company, for that matter.

And if you get paid for it? Oh yes please!

top paying survey sites


Swag bucks is a loyalty and cashback program where you can fill get paid for giving your honest opinion about some things. You get free gift cards (which, one Swag bucks user since 2009) professes to uses them for buying gifts for Christmas and her son’s birthday.

top paying survey sites - swagbucks

Paid surveys (Canada)

See, the basic reason surveys are so important for thousands of companies out there is because when million dollar companies (and even multi-million ones) launch a service, orr ads or anything) they need to have feedback from real people on how user-friendly or how it strikes them at first glance. Same goes for the products.

paid survey in canada


OpinionOutpost has a simple logic: Earn for your honest experiences and opinions about various products and services. I, for one, think it’s a good idea (especially with voicing your opinions in social media and getting bombarded and even cyberbully-ed by the next party).

Websites that pay you for free

As a reward, you get free gift cards and cash backs to use for your future purchases. Neat way to earn money, eh?

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a research agency which garners feedback for the products which aren’t open to the public yet. This is quite cool, if you think about it.

paid surveys in canada - pinecone research

But you also need to go through the membership agreements, terms and conditions and privacy policy of each of the above and below websites. This is for your own safety, so that you know what exactly you signed up for, and what can be done in case of an emergency (I’m talking about security issues).

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another paid survey site in Canada which has a robust “influencer” community of 10 million around the world! This is because your voice can make a difference into what the companies can do for you and what how you can make sure that the people out there like it and enjoy it (and you get paid, of course)

paid survey in canada - surveyjunkie


All in all, it’s really fun and sweet to know that the things you do everyday can be leveraged by you to gain some extra cash or cash backs monthly. However, do make sure to scan through h the membership agreement, terms of use, privacy policy and NEVER hesitate to contact the company immediately if you see something phishy happening to your account and money.

These aren’t the only legitimate ways to earn some extra cash for yourself monthly. Check out the other ways you can earn from home!



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