Ways to earn from home

Ways to earn from home

Everyone seems to work from home these days. I mean, it’s quite reasonable and desirable of course. You wouldn’t have to pay transportation costs, or eating out costs. Also, you can work in your pj’s or yoga pants. With your cat sleeping in the corner.

work from home

So I’ve made a list of jobs or not-exactly-jobs which can help you make extra money on the side. That is if you already have another job.

Ideas to make money from home

Some of the most common ideas to make money from home are listed below. In fact, these ideas are so often mentioned, that you sometimes be like “here we go again”.

But they are great ideas nevertheless!

1. Start a blog

Starting a blog is easier said than done. You need to regularly maintain it and keep improving at the same time. Also, starting a blog requires investment in the form of time and what-do-i-write-about blocks.

Howeverm starting, maintaining and improving in your blog is actually a really great way to earn some extra money on the side. It’ll take time, effort and energy (I’d say about a year at least). As you start getting more viewers and loyal readers, you’ll find out that you can earn hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars!

ideas to make money from home - blogging

2. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant platforms like Zirtual is exactly what you would do if you were a personal assistant to a person. Only thing is that you get to choose which times you will work.

The tasks aren’t that tough too. People who need a virtual assistant are those who lead an extremely busy lifestyle and cannot do simple, easy, repetitive tasks (such as booking tickets or clearing their inboxes).

ideas to make moey from home - virtual assistant

BUT, are willing to pay people to do it.

3. Maintain a fan page

Okay, so this is a slightly different idea to earn from home. You have to maintain a legitimate business’s page and engage meaningfully with their followers.

You have to like and comment on their posts, reply to their comments and keep a eye on spammy content.

ideas to make money from home - social media job

If you think this could be a job for you, go ahead!

4. Baby sitter

ideas to earn money from home - babysitter

It’s self explanatory. Many working parents want to hire a baby sitter so that there is constant attention on what the baby does, and is extremely cost effective if they have several kids. The best part about this job is that you can choose your own working hours.

Real ways to make money from home

Those were just some ideas for you to get started. However, if you want to start earn extra immediately (or as soon as possible), you can take a look at these real ways to make money from home.

1. Sell on Amazon

If you make a product (like handbags or stuffed toys), you can sell them on Amazon. With Amazon, you get a huge huge reach and people wanting to buy your product, will buy it.

real ways to make money from home - sell on amazon

However, there are some tricks to keep in mind. Always choose the “Fulfilled By Amazon” option so that no matter where your customers are in this world, Amazon will take care of the delivery costs. You just have to ship it to their warehouse.

OR you can work for Amazon Prime. It’s still Amazon, but as you know, Prime has the same day delivery option. You get a pay of $18-25/hr, and frankly speaking, that’s not bad.

2. Freelance writing career

Notice that I said career, not side income. Freelancing can be extremely helpful for people who have skills, but are maybe lacking the market. When you start freelancing, you have complete control of who you work for, how much you earn and when you work for them.

real ways to make money from home - freelancer writer

Also, the writing industry is an extremely lucrative industry. People are always in the look out for more people to write their blogs, their essays, their resumes, their novels and even, proofread them. And proofreading, mind you, is a skill which only a few among all writers can do.

3. Airnbnb host

This particular passive income requires you to own a house, and if you do, you can rent a couple of your rooms.

real ways to make money from home - airbnb

Unlike completely leaving the house to their care (which you probably would if you were putting the whole house on rent and have no control on what happens inside), you set the rules here.

You can earn a healthy amount of at least a thousand dollars, depending on your locality and area of space you are renting out. The bonus which comes out of being a host is that you learn personal development skills like customer service, managing invoices and even marketing, which are stepping stones to grow your business.

4. Take online surveys

Taking part in surveys which everyone must do at least once in your life. It gives you easy, quick money for things which you basically do everyday on the net.

real ways to earn money from home - surveys

I have written another blog post about how you can get paid for watching ads, videos or even giving your honest opinion on how a website looks like – click here to know more.

5. Declutter

The very motive of decluttering is to make sure that the things which are overflowing from your closet or bed bunkers can be converted to cash by selling it.

real ways to earn money from home - declutter

That’s just the financial benefit.

The emotional benefit is that you have less things to take care of, wash, maintain or love. Meaning more time to yourself. I’d say that as a win-win situation.

Creative ways to make money

Now, the following methods to earn money are related to how passionate you are about your side hustles, because some of these creative ways of making money are quite demanding on the brain.

Long story short – embark on these creative ways only if you have a passion for it, and also if you are willing to go to any end to give the best end result to your client/customer.

1. Teach English

Teaching English is not something everybody can do. People in the English speaking countries tend to take it very lightly (since they were born and brought up in that language).

But for non-English speaking countries or demographics, like Chinese or Spanish students, having English teachers is of great demand.

creative ways to make money from home - teaching english online

The advantages of teaching English online, from home are extremely flexible working hours and having an above average pay scale hourly. Think $18-$22 per hour on an average. Some great platforms for online English teaching are VIPKID, iTutorGroup, MagicEars and Hujiyang. 

2. Cooking instructor

If you think you are a great cook, and your kids’s friends eat most of your lunches than thier own, then you have both a problem and a solution. The problem? You need to pay attention on how much your kid eats and if they stay  satiated and healthy or not.

The solution? Teach your neighborhood how to cook. Make your kids market your cooking skills in the luncheon hour and the hungry moms will want to learn fro you.

creative ways to make money from home - cooking

As you grow your business, you can start a blog (surprise, surprise) and become a food blogger. Or make cooking tutorials. There’s just one catch – you need to have a passion for cooking, and without it, this idea is a complete fail.

3. Fix Google's mistakes

See. Google may be the mother of all answers to your questions, but sometimes, it’s quite not as saintly as it appears. I what I mean to say is, even Google algorithms are on the constant motion of improvement and learning, but they need human beings to go through the search results and tell whats wrong, irrelevant, and outright disastrous.

creative ways to earn money from home - fixing google's mistakes

It’s a creative thing, being a search engine evaluator and helping Google, but you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (which is fair enough, to be honest). You can find such jobs on Appen (formerly known as Leapforce).

4. Graphic designer

Being a graphic designer requires you to have working and good knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and visualization skills. If you a college degree in fine arts, that’s an added bonus that’s gonna really really give you a facelift from the rest of the crowd.

creative ways to earn money from home - graphic designer

Besides, graphic designers are really needed and are always in demand in the market. So if you have the skills, make people pay for it (quite literally).


This one requires real skills of digital marketing and knowing which ad performs will perform fine and how to make it even better. Running Google Ads and interpreting the outcome comes from experience and solid analytical skills.

Ways to earn from home

Social media is fast evolving and if you know how to make the social media followers tick and click on ads and posts like crazy, then you can be hired as a very valuable Social media marketer! And yes, you don’t have to go anywhere : you can work from home!


So! Had fun going through the ideas? I bet you did.

So tell me, which ideas did you like best? I personally loved the idea of making a career as a freelance writer, because I, for a fact know that you can get paid for just writing banger resumes and cover letters! Oh I have got skills in that!!

Do share me your favorite ones!!



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