12 Things to throw away from your bedroom NOW

Things to throw away

How many times have you said “oh those shoes are worthless, gotta throw it away.”

But you didn’t. Your ex gifted it to you and you are not able to move on from him.

Well, I’ve made the easiest list when it comes to “I am definitely gonna throw away stuff now, it’s overwhelming me!!”

things to throw away

I have added only the most simplest and basic stuff which literally have no value in your life (like, why on earth would you still store old bank statements?? They are called “OLD” for a reason!!).

You get the idea.

1. Old makeup

Girls. I know makeup is hard to let go of.  Especially if they are from a fantastic brand. Or even your favorite singer endorses it.

But you just have to let go of it. Why?

thow away old makeup

For starters, all the chemicals and sometime, harmful chemicals can start reacting with your skin and make the purpose of a makeup futile.

Like, you got makeup to make you look pretty. Expired makeup can actually start making you look washed out, slowly and steadily.

Better to buy the same product twice than have a blot on your face.

2. Outdated gadgets

Girls and boys. Both of you are guilty of this.

Boys usually love to have loads of gadgets to show-off to people and pretend to be rich. Well, as you wish, sir. But is storing your dad’s pager, first floppy disk your love gave you and that Casio calculator watch your dad gave you on your 18th birthday really gonna add value to your overflowing life?

3. Expired medicines

These are the most dangerous and most easily convincing argument anyone can make to de-clutter your room. Keep on periodically checking on your medicines and ointments boxes, and see if it’s past the expiration date already or not.

throw away old medicines

In fact, every time you require your specific medicine, just check if it’s still valid at the moment or not. This way you are constantly reminded if yo need to buy more of the same or not etc.

4. Expired vouchers bla bla chocolate wrappers

This is the most annoying thing my mother does.

She keeps (no, saves) all kinds of shopping and grocery store coupons even after the validity days are off.

chocoate wrapper is a thing to throw away now

Then there’s old bank statements which my maternal grandmother hoards, you know, just in case.

Oh my god, I once used to store chocolate wrappers , as a romantic school crush sentiment, but every time I had to grab them and put it elsewhere, it made a crunchy noise and I was too tired of it.

Organizing bedroom

Organizing your bedroom. Something which our mothers swear by invisible entities that can can cut your pocket money if you don’t do so.

Now, let me guess…

1. Overflowing laundry

You have overflowing laundry to do. When literally all you need to do is push your clothes in the washing machine and just hang to dry.

Is that too much to ask?

I don’t even have a washing machine, and I clean my clothes with my hands!!

2. Stacks of unread/ read magazines

See. There is a reason you don’t get to read magazines before you buy it in the bookstore. It’s because magazines, are by nature are stuff which lose its value after a month.

throw away magazines

When TIME’s magazine publishes its Person Of the Year three years ago, and the drastic changes i the politics, environment and global events has made it to choose a different Person of The Year, is that old magazine still relevant?

People have FOMO and want to stay updated all the time, and it’s better to throw away those read OR unready magazines.

3. Under-bed storage

Ah, the under-bed storage.

We have a love-hate relationship with it. Gonna hide something? Under the bed! Wanna find something? Under the bed again!

And if you wanna store old clothes, broken heels and age old love-letters to your crush you never sent, and don’t want anyone to get a hold of them? Under the bed.

real ways to earn money from home - declutter

Get rid of them.

Okay, maybe not the letters, but at least the clothes that don’t fit you, shoes that have a worn sole or mismatched socks? Yes. Just do it.

4. Furniture manuals

The purpose of a furniture manual is to make your furniture bits and pieces right.

After that, you remember how you set it up.

Why do you keep them still?

How to declutter?

Decluttering is often seen as one of things which are really good for increasing the quality of life, but takes a lot of guts to throw away the sentimental items (which are almost always useless).

1. Clothes you never wear

Ah, this category is a little bit tricky because two types of clothes come under this category”

One, clothes you bought while you were being an impulsive shopper and you intensely regret those purchases, and;

decluttering impulsive shoppers

Two, clothes which are of the “oh-my-god-these-are-so-good-why-on-earth-are-you-throwing-them” type.

Out of two, the second one is the most dangerous.

2. Socks with holes/mismatched socks

Just, why. Why do you need socks with holes?


how to declutter socks with holes

Just own one or two pairs of socks, wash and wear them on alternate days and you’ll never have to match for socks ever again.

3. Shoes that don't fit you/wear

In you’re the kind that owned 17 black boots and 7 sports shoes, you really need to stop and think about the poor financial choices you made in the store.

See. The main motive of decluttering is to get rid of things which add no value to your life, and hence, no peace.

how to declutter shoes too big

If there are only two black boots which you truly enjoy wearing almost everywhere and only have the rest of the boots as a “ok I’ll wear them someday…someday…”, that “someday” is never gonna come.

Throw them without hesitation. Or else sell it. Over.

4. Anything you haven't worn in the past 18 months

The second type of “clothes you never wear” are these.

If you think deeply about it, you’ll see that there are some particular tops, or jeans, which you never wore in the past an year and a half. What could be the reason?


These are the 12 things you must throw away from your bedroom ASAP if you want to take back control on your life and expenses. And let me tell you, one less heap of clothes from your closets are gonna do wonders to your sense of balance. I know cause I have felt it.

Have you thrown these things from your bedroom yet? Or do you want to add more to this list? Do let me know in the comments below!!



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