How to ensure productivity while remote working


Remote working is the most famous and necessary working style in the world right now and this blog takes a look at how you can maintain your remote working productivity as well as stay mentally happy while you’re at it

Ensuring your remote working productivity

working from home and productivity

Work from home was always something that people dreamt of while they were grinding it out during their daily hectic work routine. Leaving the house early to reach your office on time and then returning home in the rush hours and getting straight into the kitchen to prepare dinner was something people were tired of. 

Everyone always wanted to work from home, isn’t it? Things have changed now. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay home and while some people have lost their jobs due to the financial crisis, those who have their job are working remotely. Remote working is the new normal now!

How do you remain productive during remote working?

If you are working remotely, you have a lot of positives on your side. This includes not having to get up early and get ready to catch that specific bus or subway that will make sure your reach office on time. If you travel by car, it also factors in not having to spend on the fuel for daily travel. You can take those extra five minutes to finish your exercise and have your breakfast. All you have to do is decide on your work timings and targets and stick to it come what may.

If you are at home and still not able to stick to your remote working routine, then that’s a complete loss of productivity as well as demonstrating traits of laziness. The best way to remain productive and increase your efficiency is by planning your work timings, break timings and deciding where you want to be in terms of the work targets at the end of the day.

You can think of working extra only if you complete the initial task given to you, isn’t it? Keeping a target of working extra hours isn’t ideal but completing the necessary daily work allocation is mandatory.

Increasing your remote working productivity

remote working productivity

First things first, you need to have clarity on what work has to be done on that particular day. If you know what’s to be done, then it’s your call on how that’s to be done. People either decide to work at a pace and finish off their work in 4-5 hours and then want to enjoy their remaining day or there are people who pace their day in a way as they would in the office space. We believe that the second option is the better way to go about it.

If you and your colleagues are working and there’s a time range for work hours, we suggest that it is better to work within that. This way, you can take the help of your colleagues, talk to them on messenger apps and also engage in video conferencing if you need to as well as get connected with your clients. You can also have a good informal chat while having your lunch break. This will be the closest thing you can get to while working from home. This keeps you and your colleagues motivated and engaged and most importantly, socially driven.

Mental happiness is important during remote working

remote work increase productivity

While we talk about how to achieve productivity while remote working, mental happiness and taking care of your mental health is very important. It is easy to get bogged down and keep working just because you have more time while you are at home, but it is bad for your mental health and physical health. The healthy you are, the happier you would be. It’s important to keep your house clean and maintain hygiene levels. It is equally important to exercise, eat healthy and have your meals on proper timings.

You can entertain yourself by watching web series or getting on the YouTube channels as well as start reading e-books and this is productivity as well. Productivity is not just about working and working excessively, it is about maintaining the work-life balance and yielding good positive results.

You can cook new recipes, get yourself into craftwork or play the card games with your family members. You never know, you might end up sharpening your soft skills during this lockdown. It’s important to stay mentally positive and not slow down while working from home.

10 things to do to increase your remote working productivity

how to increase productivity while working from home

Remote working can get boring on some days and the urge to go to the office will be even stronger with every passing day. As of now, remote working is here to stay and it’s only fair if you get better at increasing your productivity and not fall off the ladder. Improving your productivity and maintaining your mental health and staying happy is the way to go.

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