Our Mission

It's time for a change.

We’re here to help you through this step in personal finance, but we’re also here to help you enjoy new experiences.

The Current State of Personal Finance

Right now, financial matters are confusing. It can be difficult to learn about the pitfalls in your spending and how to get back on track without digging out receipts, calendars, spreadsheets, and calculators. Moreover, with so many competing resources available, it’s easy to get lost among various applications and accounts. All of this leads to a lot of confusion and even more lost time. 

The New Way

We believe that there is a simpler way to manage your finances. We organize everything, while reducing needless clutter and offering insights into your spending habits. Our approach is personalized and is suitable for customers at any life stage.

Most importantly, you’re the boss. We’re here to give you all of the necessary information and tools so that your finances can keep running smoothly.

It’s Time to Enjoy Life

Let’s embark on this journey together, and we’ll provide you with tremendous value.

Our Core Values

Why us? We're...

Our Mission 1


At Chango, our passion runs deep into everything we do. From the products we build to our messaging, it is clear that we care about our work and the people we help.

Our Mission 2


At Chango, we keep it as simple as possible. Our belief is to be open and honest with you -- not to show you jargon that just doesn't make sense. We've been built to help you.

Our Mission 3


We know financial matters can be boring and even scary. But at Chango, we want to change that. We want to make your interaction with us interactive, easy, and fun.

Our Mission 4


At Chango, we're here to help you make smart decisions and be in control of your finances. We want to provide you with the right knowledge and information.

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