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Financial terms that newcomers to Canada should know

Are you new to Canada and struggling to get your head around the financial and banking ecosystem in the country? Well, we’ve got you covered. 

This newcomer glossary guide gives a clear understanding of financial jargons used in the Canadian financial ecosystem and will help you get started as a newcomer in Canada. 

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What you'll learn

This newcomer glossary guide contains the definitions and the meaning of all the important financial terms that a newcomer to Canada should know

New terms

This guide will introduce you to a list of new terms that you need to get used to in Canada

Financial Glossary

Definitions and meaning of all the important financial terms

Clear explanation

This guide gives a clear explanation of all the financial terms and helps you come out of your newcomer woes

Canadian Context

Understand what these terms mean in the Canadian context and how they are important and relevant to you

Just some of the terms you'll learn about

Cash Back

Chequing Account

Credit score

credit report

Fixed Interest Rate

Ontario student assistance program (OSAP)

Social Insurance Number (SIN)

wealth manager

12 more terms

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Learn the canadian financial terms

canadian financial terms

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Bias-Free Approach

We do not take sides. Our main objective is to help you attain financial literacy by stating real-life financial facts and figures

It's For YOU

This is your personal financial platform. The focus is on you. We want to help you achieve your financial goals

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We realize that jargons are hard to understand. Our aim is to simplify financial jargons for you

Financial Wellness

At Chango, our main aim is to spread financial literacy and look after your financial wellness

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Thousands of newcomers in Canada have found this guide useful for understanding the financial terms. The Chango community is growing and we are thankful to all the people who have given us a great feedback on the guides that we create for spreading financial literacy and promoting financial wellbeing.

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Your financial understanding is about to get better

We understand that everyone faces financial problems and Chango is here to help you find ways to come out of those. If you are struggling to find the meaning of financial terms, download this guide and get on the path of financial literacy. Here you go.

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