9 Remote Working Tools for Better Productivity


This blog post will look at what websites and platforms can help you work remotely more effectively.

How to Start Remote Working

Whether you’re a full time or even part time digital nomad, or working remotely temporarily due to Covid-19, there are a number of websites and platforms that are helpful to all those who work remotely.

Before we dive into platforms and helpful websites, it should be stated that to work effectively from your home, or anywhere, you’ll need strong and fast internet. Different work requires varying degrees of speed and strength, but as you’ll be probably sending files, maybe uploading and downloading, possibly streaming, and having video conferences, you’re going to need good internet. Some remote work jobs even require tethered internet, but for the most part a strong WIFI connection will do the trick.

Work remotely from home

Video Conference Tools

Not everyone will have to do video conference calls for their remote work, but if you are applying to a remote job that is not in your city or maybe not even in your country, you’ll probably have an interview via video conference.


remote working tools skype

Ten years ago, maybe even five years ago, Skype was the biggest video conference application and website. Today, it’s not as popular, but it’s still a big player. I even used it when I interviewed for my job in China. Skype is quite straightforward to use and effective if all you need to do is talk face to face with someone, making it great to call your grandparents.

It’s free to use with WIFI, though you can buy credits if you want premium features like voice mail, SMS texts, or making calls to a landline or cellphone outside of Skype.

Google Hangouts

collaborative tools for remote working google hangouts

Google Hangouts is now one of the most used video conference platforms. It’s a part of the Google Suite, and it’s a very easy to use platform as well. It also allows users to merge some other video conference platforms into calls that are already happening through their Pexip Infinity Platform. It’s quick to use, and within two taps on your phone, users can dial-in to meetings. Because it’s operated through Google Suite, it merges with your Google Calendar information, giving you reminders for your meeting time, and allowing you to catch up on things happening in the agenda if you arrive late to the meeting, provided deadlines are being added to the calendar.

Google Hangouts Pricing

It’s also free to use! But if you’re calling international certain rates can apply. You can view the pricing here: Google Hangouts Pricing


video conference tools for remote work

Zoom is now also one of the top video conference platforms for remote working, and also allows users to share a screen, making it much easier to share ideas. Zoom also boasts being able to host up to 100 participants at a time.

Zoom Pricing

Zoom is free to use for their basic membership. You can also upgrade to either Pro for $20 a month or Business for $27 a month. Both options give you larger cloud storage space and business also records transcripts of the meeting as well as a few other features you can check out for yourself. You can view the pricing here: Zoom Pricing

Document Sharing

If you’re working with others then chances are you’ll need to share documents quickly and efficiently. These are some platforms that let you share and edit work easily with those that you work with.

best remote working tools


remote work management tools

monday.com is a platform that allows teams working remotely to share ideas and documents in a very visual way. Users can upload files and ideas onto a board, set due dates, create new items, and has a messaging system.

Monday.com Pricing

It is free to make am account, but payment depends on how many people your team has, and how long you will be using it.


remote working productivity tools

Trello is a platform very similar to monday.com. That being said it’s a little bit less intuitive. It’s still a great way to share a board and ideas with your team, and you can upload links to files through other platforms like Google Drive.

Trello Pricing

Trello is a free platform to use. But if you’ll like extra features they have a business class pricing which is on a per user charge. You can view the pricing here: Trello Pricing

Google Drive

document sharing tools for remote teams

While the other two were online boards that you can also use to file share, Google Drive was made specifically to share files online. Google Drive is great because if you already use a Gmail account and you try sending a file that is too large, it will automatically give you an option to send it with Google Drive instead. You can create shareable links that are open to everyone, or only specific people if it’s something private. It also works seamlessly with Google Docs, and you can even see people working on their documents in real time if they have shared it with you, or vice versa.

Google Drive Pricing

It’s also free to use, though it has limited storage without paying to upgrade.

Self Help Tools

We can all use a little help, and at the office it’s usually pretty easy to find. So when working remotely you might have to rely on apps and other platforms rather than team members in person.

Remember The Milk

productivity tools for remote working

Remember the Milk is an app that helps you organize your online schedule. This app allows you to get notifications the way(s) you want to, including through text message, email, IM, twitter, and other mobile apps. It also lets you organize what needs to get done into different categories, and also lets you colour code it. Of course it lets you schedule things in advance, and you can also set recurring deadlines or reminders.

Remember The Milk Pricing

This one is also completely free to use! But they do have a pro account that you can upgrade to Click here to see more: Remember the Milk Pricing

I Done This

productivity app for remote jobs

I Done This is an organizational platform that helps remote work teams track productivity of both individuals and the team as a whole. Achievements can be documented every day, and everyone will also receive a recap in their inbox. It lets everyone in the team see what’s already done, what’s being done, and maybe what can’t be competed and why.

I done This Pricing

This platform has a free trial and then three options you can choose from Standard, Plus, and Enterprise. Ranging from $9-$35 per month


password management for remote teams

1Password is a pretty straightforward idea. It’s a service that allows you to share passwords with people who need them, making it perfect for teams who work remotely and need to access different websites and accounts. With this service you only need to know one master password, and everything else is stored in their secure server, erasing the need for you to remember a million passwords.

Special Pricing

Currently because of Covid-19, 1Password is allowing users to try their platform with 6 months free as many businesses are moving to remote work for the first time.

1Password Pricing

After that there are 3 different pricing options. $3.99 for their Teams option, $7.99 for Business, and Enterprise which is a custom quote. They also have even cheaper options for individuals and families.


There are hundreds if not thousands of other options for those looking to work remotely, but these are some good basics for anyone who is new to remote working. If this blog post was helpful for you please leave your email below to sign up for more helpful posts.



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