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While you focus on work, health, and your Instagram page, we’ll manage your personal finances. 

How Chango Works

The Short and Simple Ways We Can Help You

Step 1


How It Works 1

The first step is to link your bank accounts with us. This way we can gain a better understanding of your finances and start helping you manage your expenditures and savings.

Step 2


How It Works 2

Start learning from our wide range of financial topics – made to be simple yet still informative.

Step 3


How It Works 3

Start mapping out your budget. Once you have established your goals, we will help you keep on track and provide relevant information.

Step 4


How It Works 4

Let us work our magic. We’ll provide a full overview of the most important aspects of your accounts and goals for moving forward. 

Our Amazing Features

At Chango, we believe everything should be easy, so that’s what we’re doing. We’re bringing you a personal finance management app made to help you. Focus on what matters to you, and we’ll handle the rest.

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Take photos of your receipts and keep them all in one place.


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Budget Tracker

Create a budget, stay on track, and see how much you have left to spend.


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Needs & Wants

Your transactions are labeled as Needs and Wants. You'll have deeper control of them now.

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Financial Dictionary

We've brought all of the financial terms into one place. It's as easy as a Google search.

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Expense Tracker

All of your bank accounts in one place. Keep up-to-date on your transactions.


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Financial Insights

Dashboard built for your finance; see everything, from upcoming bills, to a wage calculator and Chango Tips.

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Financial Literacy

Our financial guides are simple and interactive. You won't fall asleep reading them.

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Safe To Spend

See how much you can spend safely and instantly. So, go ahead and make that purchase if it's safe.

Powering your personal financial life with technology

Convenience through Chango

Always have a complete picture of your finances. At a moment’s notice, you can be informed of the most important factors and make actionable decisions.

Always Working For You

By linking directly to your outside accounts, Chango analyzes your personal financial activities to provide insights and advice.

Let's begin your personal finance journey.

We’re looking to create something great, but the focus is always on you. We want to venture with you on this new financial journey and will be right by your side when you need us.

We're here for you.

Let us help you achieve your dreams and goals, so you can live the life you want.

Are you ready?

We’re getting ready for our launch; sign up for early access and get the app before anyone else.

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