Title Insurance


The word “Title” is used to describe the ownership of land. When you purchase a home the title of that land is transferred to you.

Title Insurance means that an insurance policy is purchased to protect you, the homeowner, against any challenges or issues related to the title of your home. The policy provides coverage against any losses because of title defects, even if they existed before you took ownership of the home. Defective title insurance means that there is a problem with the title that prevents clear ownership. Title insurance covers many types of defects which could include rights of way, unpaid liens, encroachments etc.

Kept Simple

When you purchase a home from someone else it is best if you purchase, for a one time fee, title insurance. This will protect you and your home from any unforeseen defects of the title. Title defects could be anything from rights of way through your land to someone else’s to unpaid bills or liens against the property.

How Does Apply to you

Ownership of a home or land is legally called a title. Title insurance provides coverage for many things including any errors made by your lawyer relating to title risks, and any unpaid bills better known as liens against the property.  Title Insurance is purchased through either your lawyer or mortgage specialist when you purchase the home for a one time fee. However, if you did not purchase the title insurance at the time of purchase you can still buy it at any time while you own the home.

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