10 Fun Ways to do Remote Team Building or Morale Boosting


This post will look at 10 different ways your work family can do team building activities remotely.

Great Virtual Games

Because of COVID-19 it’s important that we all practise social distancing, meaning many workplaces have moved to either mostly or totally remote work. But that can get lonely and maybe a bit of a damper for company morale. Generally speaking, remote team building activities can be a great and fun way to boost morale, so let’s look at some fun ways your company can do that remotely.

Before we get going, here are three platforms for speaking face to face with your coworkers online. Zoom, Skype, or Facebook Messengers video chat are all great options for chatting with your group remotely. Chatfox is another platform that is specifically built for having remote meetings, mainly of the team building variety.

If you want to give prizes or perks to your team members, then Tango Card is a great site. They can be given prizes such as premium accounts for music streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, or Google Play. Or if your team is full of readers, why not some eBooks, or credit for buying books online? 


netfix party for morale boosting

Who doesn’t love Netflix? Netflix has had a special feature for a while now, called Netflix Party. This feature allows two or more people to watch shows or movies at the same time in real-time, with a chat room on the side so you can show each other how witty you are. A movie night could be just what your team needs for a pick me up, where you can chat together (and no one needs to know you didn’t change out of your pyjamas).

Virtual Icebreakers

Maybe you have a new team, still getting to know each other when you were made to go into self-isolation. So get to know each other with some fun ice breaker questions via the video chatting platform of your choice. You can start with 5-10 surface-level questions. These are more general questions that have preference based answers, such as “If you could have a superpower, what would it be?”, “If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live, and why?”, “Who would you want to have dinner with, dead or alive, and why?” Following some surface-level questions, you can ask each other some deeper questions that can allow team members to get a bit more vulnerable with each other such as the classic “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”, “What was the best day of your life so far and why?”, “Who has been the most influential person in your life?”,  “What skills and qualities does a good boss possess?” Of course, feel free to change the questions and make them relevant to your own staff and lives.

MTV Home Office Cribs

MTV cribs for remote teams

Same rules as MTV cribs! Pick up your laptop or phone and show your coworkers your sweet digs! Each team member can take a few minutes to show off their home and maybe some of their favourite things. Mine would include my deck and backyard, music space, kitchen, and reading nook.

Desert Island

Hopefully, everyone is familiar with desert island games, but there are lots of variants. Everyone is stranded on an island with 10 random objects (team leaders or bosses can choose the objects, the more obscure and random the better), but they can only choose 5 to use. Team members can then be split into small groups (they can chat with each other in a separate group chat) and strategize and collaborate on what items they would choose, why, and how they use them.

Personal Facts Guessing Game

remote team building activities

Each team member can write a list of around 5-10 facts about themselves, anonymously. Then the lists are sent to everyone, and they have only a certain amount of time to guess who each list belongs to. This can be done either in a group chat through video chat or text chat, or through email.

Picture Sharing

This activity is best for those groups that are very busy and can’t find time to have everyone meet together online. Your team leader or manager can choose a theme such as pets, home-cooked meal, your favourite selfie, etc, and share at the beginning of a meeting or even in an email thread to help you feel connected.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

outdoor scavenger hunt

This is an especially good one for right now (during COVID-19) as it’s important to still go outside and get fresh air, just keep a good distance from other people and don’t go to populated areas. Each participant gets a list of items they have to find or tasks that they have to complete, and they have to take a picture or video and send them in through a file-sharing platform or through email to win.

Team leaders and managers can include a small prize such as a gift card or gift basket if they wish. Tasks can include taking a picture of a dog on a walk, a bird in flight, and other animal-related ones, doing a yoga pose outside your house, finding a tree to climb, etc.

Online Office Olympics

Who doesn’t love Jim Halpert’s Office Olympics? You can make your very own and have your team participate online with video chats! Some fun ideas include creating origami with office paper, spreadsheet pixel art, and creating slogans for your team or company. The winner gets bragging rights!

Remote Drawing Game

remote team games

This one’s pretty simple; the speaker finds a picture through a random picture generating site like this and has to describe the picture using only shapes and where to place it. For example, in the middle of your paper draw a small circle to start. After describing the picture everyone holds up their drawings and the closest drawing to the picture being described wins.

Mini Campfire

This is one of my personal favourites. Everyone uses a simple tea light for their “fire.” Participants can buy marshmallows, chocolates, and biscuits to cook their s’mores over the fire, and everyone can tell a spooky or funny story while enjoying their snacks.

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