6 Key Financial Personalities: Which is Yours?


We take a look at different types of financial personalities that people fall into and discuss them in detail in the infographic below

What are the financial personalities?

Every person has a particular characteristic or trait to his or her personality. Similarly, there are financial characteristics or traits that a person displays while approaching the key financial decisions. Some are cautious while some love to splurge and live on the border edge of their monthly income. In our language, we call them financial personalities. 

It is very interesting to study financial personalities and get to know the logic behind everyone’s decision making and financial perspective. 

Should financial personalities change over time?

financial personalities

There is no definite answer to this. When it comes to personal finance, there is no single right or wrong answer and everyone has to do what suits their interests. There is no one-size-fits-all financial solution these days and though you might show the same personality trait, your budget allocation and financial management techniques could still be different. 

What are the types of financial personalities?

We have classified the financial personalities into six types ranging from those who live on the edge of their monthly income to those who love to save and invest in a future that’s secured and stable. 

personal finance tips

There are people who love to manage their finances on a month-to-month basis while some have a larger perspective and plan for the entire year or maybe even a five-year cycle. This mostly depends on what stage of your life you are at. 

What's in this infographic?

This infographic will give you details on the names of the six types of financial personalities that we have classified and will also shed light on the traits that they show when it comes to financial decision making. 

Go through the infographic, identify your financial personality type and introspect if you need to change or not. We know there is no right or wrong when it comes to a personality but it is always handy to compare yourself with these personality types and keep evolving with situation and time. 

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