How to stock up for an emergency


While people are taking rearguard action during an emergency, buying grocery and other essentials is an important aspect of the steps to be taken. In this blog, we take a look at what essential grocery items should be bought while stocking up during an emergency

Smart shopping during an emergency is important

smart shopping emergency

As the entire world is in a lockdown, the essential businesses have been shut down while shops and supermarkets supplying essential goods have remained open to cater to the essential survival supply for the general public. If you are someone who doesn’t want to go out frequently for securing the essential supply, it is important that you buy grocery items that are long-lasting and non-perishable. You can get dairy and meat products but you can’t get them in plenty as there is a short shelf life to those items. Always invest in grocery items that have a greater shelf life and can be used in flexible and multiple ways while cooking your food. Always keep your emergency grocery list ready and most importantly: Do not panic buy

Here's your emergency grocery list for smart shopping

Get your Cereals or Corn flakes

emergency grocery list for smart shopping

If you are looking for a quick and healthy breakfast, eating cereals and corn flakes is the best way to tackle your breakfast woes. There is a variety of good cereal or corn flakes packs in the market and consuming a small bowl of cereals with some milk can be your solution to a fulfilling and healthy breakfast.

Buy some canned fruits and vegetables

We understand that fresh fruits and vegetables are healthier than the canned version. But in times of an emergency where you can’t afford to get the perishable fruits and vegetables frequently, canned fruits and vegetables are a great solution. You can have rinsed canned vegetables, as well as options like canned pineapples, cherries and baked beans, which are easily available. If you don’t want to go out frequently, this is an ideal option and you can perhaps go for a mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables and some canned items. This way, you would not have to step out of your house for two weeks at least.

Get some dry-food items

foods to buy during an emergency

If you are looking for healthier options, you can get small packets of cashews, almonds, apricots, raisins, peanuts, pistachios and other similar dried fruits. It has a good nutritional value and while we don’t consider it as an important part of our primary diet, these dried items can suffice your temporary hunger and prevent you from consuming a pack of chips, which you may keep for a latter date.

Buy juices, popcorn and chocolates

Popcorn and juice aren’t things to be had only at a cinema hall, these items can be your life-savers during such emergency situations. If you get a packet of popcorn, it’ll last for a long time. Similarly, you can buy a juice pack of six or twelve and this can last for a good two to three weeks depending on how frequently you consume it. Chocolates are bad for the tooth cavity is what’s the most common notion but a quick chocolate bite is good to keep you going when it comes to staying at par with the sugar intake. A lot of studies have also stated that eating the right proportion of dark chocolate eases your anxiety amidst the stressful period and also has anti-ageing properties. That’s a bonus, isn’t it? These aren’t always on the emergency grocery list but we feel that you should have them with you.

Time for some noodles and pasta

how to stock up for an emergency

We are sure that almost everyone eats noodles and pasta. It is your quick fix, isn’t it? And you can store it for several months as well. Make your sauce, boil your pasta, mix it and eat it. Simple as that. Similarly, noodles are also a quick fix and if you are working from home and are so tired of working that you want to cook something easy and at the same time fulfil your hunger, pasta or noodles is the perfect solution.

Let’s have some bread, butter, jam and eggs

Bread and butter are the easiest breakfast options and if you have kids in the house, just add some jam to it and you’re all set! You can play with the combination of bread-butter, bread-jam, French toast, bread and fried egg and many more. Give the multiple ways in which these items can be eaten, you should definitely go for these options. These items last for a good amount of time and except for bread, you don’t have to worry about the expiry date for months. When you talk about essential food items to buy during an emergency or crisis, these items are on top of everyone’s list.

Buying milk, coffee, tea is necessary

what to buy emergency food

You can always buy a medium to big pack of tea or coffee powder and make your own version of tea or coffee. Most of the people generally prefer one or the other and for those who don’t like any, you can always have plain milk. Again, good nutritional value, your daily dose of vitamin D and calcium is guaranteed. If you are missing your routine of going to Tim Hortons or Starbucks, make your own coffee and perhaps this is the time when you learn to make different types of coffee and tea, isn’t it?

Meat has a shelf life, be careful, don’t over-stock it

If you are buying meat, look at the expiry or the ‘use before’ date. The general advice is to not over-buy and over-stock it. Buy in limited quantities and store the meat in the freezer. It is advised that if you are planning to use your meat for a period of two to three weeks or more, put it in your freezer. If you have bought fresh fish, put it in the freezer. Be it fish, chicken, beef or ham, animal protein lasts well in the freezer. If you are planning to go to a supermarket every two weeks, plan your meat cooking in a way that you can buy fresh meat during every visit. Also, you can buy canned fish as a good seafood option.

Rice, pulses and legumes are healthy

how to stock up during a pandemic

Rice is an important part of the diet. People generally tend to underestimate the importance of rice and the fact that rice can last way longer than almost any other grocery item. The same is the case with pulses and legumes, they can be consumed in a number of ways. You can literally make a hundred varieties of rice and at the same time, use your pulses and legumes to make a healthy salad, good gravy for rice as well as different types of quick healthy breakfast items.

Shop smartly and spend wisely

In these times of emergency, it is important to shop smartly so that you don’t have to go out frequently and also spend wisely so that you don’t over-spend on luxury items and let it pinch your pocket in these times of financial uncertainty. Buying the right grocery items is extremely important. You end up having groceries that will last longer as well as you don’t have to spend every week of the month. We keep emphasizing- Always prepare your emergency grocery list.

Don’t panic buy and overstock. The best solution is smart shopping.

Stay Safe. Buy Smartly. Spend Wisely.

Happy Grocery Shopping!



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