5 Best Credit Management apps for 2020


Improving your credit score starts with monitoring it. Today, there are plenty of helpful applications that allow a free credit score check. Below are five of the best credit management apps for 2020. 

The best credit management apps to check your credit score in 2020

Whether your credit score is good or bad, well managed or something that needs to be worked on; knowing your score and how to monitor it is incredibly crucial when it comes time to apply for loans, mortgages and everything under the sun in the world of personal finance.

The good news: Today, it is easier to view you credit score than ever before.

Checking your credit score was once an action that could bring your score down; nowadays it is often a free “soft-pull” transaction that has no effect on your credit score.

There are many credit management apps, both free and paid for, that seek to give a comprehensive idea of what your credit rating is, why it is the way it is, and how it is affecting you.

Credit Karma

credit management app

Credit Karma appears as the default free credit score tracker to a majority of the public. Credit Karma is easy to use and easy to sign up for and produces weekly updates on your credit score. Credit Karma also provides important alerts as well as detailed insights into what is affecting your credit score. From here, the app is able to provide recommendations and financial advice as to how to improve your score via your spending history.

Credit Karma uniquely uses  tracking from both Equifax and TransUnion, two of the three primary credit reporting bureaus. It is known as a secure and private credit scoring application. Credit Karma can be found via their website or your preferred online application store.

Mint – Money Manager

credit report apps - mint

Mint is a money-managing application that allows users to view their credit score while also providing advice and recommendations on how to better improve it.

The Intuit-owned application collects information from your bank account, credit accounts and investment accounts to create a bigger-picture look at your personal finances.

Once you plug-in all relevant information, Mint creates an easy to understand series of charts and graphs that are aimed at helping you comprehend all of your finances.

The all-in-one aspect paired with unlimited and free credit score monitoring makes this application a vastly beneficial one for anyone interested in understanding their credit score and personal finances. Mint uses credit score reporting from Equifax and the application can be downloaded on their website or your preferred application store.


credit score app - credit wise

CreditWise is a free credit score tracking application developed by Capital One, but you don’t need to be a Capital One member to use the app. You can create a free CreditWise account and monitor your weekly credit score updates provided by TransUnion.  If you happen to be a Capital One member, you can simply track your credit score using your Capital One login.

CreditWise also features a Credit Simulator, allowing you to plug-in information and view the potential impacts it may have on your credit score before making a financial decision.

CreditWise uses credit score tracking from TransUnion and is available via the CreditWise website, Capital One’s website, as an extension of the Capital One app or your preferred application store.


free credit report app - experian

Experian is a free credit reporting application created by one of the three main credit-reporting bureaus, Experian. Updating every 30 days, Experian’s credit reporting is used by many different companies, including some of the applications mentioned above.

Instead of using a different application that uses Experian’s credit reporting, why not get it straight from the source?

Not only does Experian give you an updated look at your credit score, but the easy to use application also gives you an in-depth look at credit and debt summaries including your spending habits, debt information and how it affects your credit.

Experian’s application also scans for dark-web searches and has a focus on making sure your finances are safe and secure online. Their angle on financial protection makes this application more than just a credit management app.

Experian’s credit score and credit reporting application is available via their website or at your preferred application store.

Credit Sesame

best credit score app - sesame

Credit Sesame is a credit management application that does not need to know your credit card information to track your credit score.

This free application uses Experian’s credit reporting to create a personalized summary of your tracked credit score and how you can improve and build upon your financial decisions.

They also offer a free credit monitoring and ID protection program within the Credit Sesame application. Credit Sesame also offers financial literacy programs.

This application is available via the Credit Sesame website or your preferred application store.

There are many different credit score applications that are easy to understand, readily accessible and free to use that are waiting for you today.

Understanding your credit report is an early step into creating financial literacy. By using one of these useful applications, you may be one step closer to creating the financial understanding you strive for.



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