Creating The Disney Experience

Calling yourself “the happiest place on earth” is a preposterous claim that would set the highest expectations from your customers. The place is full of people making fond and happy memories and is often reflected upon in good light by people who have been. I recently enjoyed the Disney magical experience and noted a number of positive innovation efforts that should set the benchmark for any brand seeking to optimize their level of customer satisfaction.

Is Disney really the happiest place on earth? While this is up for debate, the smooth transition between attractions, ability to monitor wait times remotely, wallet-free experience, and the ease of accessing any type of help contribute to developing the ideal customer experience. From the well-positioned photo passes and pre-planned payments, the Disney experience is just impossible to knock.

But what makes the Disney Experience stand out?

The Disney approach targets an improved level of customer satisfaction. Whether virtually or physically, there is always someone available to help out at Disney. In a place with that many people and options, the ability to offer personalized and satisfactory customer service must contribute to the increased value of the experience. These are some of the factors that contribute to the stand out quality of the Disney experience.

A tech-supported experience

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The ability to make plans beforehand through the My Disney Experience platform is designed to improve the seamlessness of your vacation. Instead of unnecessary queues, customers can create a personalized profile, link tickets, and reservations to facilitate any updates, add friends and family members that they are traveling with and manage their plans with an in-built scheduler. The mobile app is a way to find out relevant information about wait times, search maps and update plans.

Employees as the front line service providers

The level of employee commitment to the brand is also part of how Disney creates magical experiences. Whether physically or virtually, there seems to be always someone ready to help you out! Alongside the app support and toll-free dedicated lines, Disney staff will always be on hand to help out. While providing basic customer service is part of the standard expectation for brands within the service industry, the level at which Disney seeks to achieve this is beyond textbook. This makes them appealing to customers who have less to worry about.

Employee satisfaction

It certainly helps that Disney employees love working there. Judging by a number of conversations I had during my short stay, I could tell that they are committed to the Disney vision. The employees I interacted with had a high level of job satisfaction. They not only enjoy working there but also embody the brand’s vision. With committed employees like these, it is not hard to see why the level of service provided at Disney contributes to the experience.

So, can you replicate the Disney experience in business?

While the Disney model can be ideal for your business, you need to understand how to put it into effect successfully. The model is based on improved customer satisfaction and better quality of service provision, which can be achieved by leveraging technological advancement and focusing on improving employee commitment to your brand.

You can improve the quality of service offered by your business by taking advantage of technological advancements, which do not even need to be extensive. A simple mobile application which increases the ease of service provision will raise customer satisfaction levels immensely. By keeping up with technological innovation, you will be able to improve the quality of service offered by your brand.

You may also need to increase employee job satisfaction to ensure your first line of service providers display great brand values. If your employees are committed to your business, chances are high that they will offer remarkable service.

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