The Process

Getting started is easy. Fill out a short application form and then we’ll match you with the best financial professional to help you.

Helping You Understand Your Finances

Why Are We Doing This

We know that these are hard times right now, with so many questions being asked and not knowing where to start. We have gathered a team of financial professionals who are volunteering their time to talk with you, answer any questions you might have, provide you with the guidance that you need.

In these last few weeks, there has been significant added financial struggle across the globe. We want you to know that we’re here to help and so are our financial professionals.

This is the moment for everyone to be working together, helping each other out, and being there for one another. Together we will get past this.


We have gathered a great team of people that are ready to help you in this time of need.

We have started our company with the focus of helping people in their financial life through financial literacy and a personal finance app. We have always been at the core Bias-Free and believed in giving you the right information to make smarter choices.

Right now, with everything that is happening, we knew we had to step out and take action, which is why we have started this initiative to be able to provide free financial advice to those that need it.

Now more than ever, we need to help each other out. This is Chango’s small part in helping you deal with the current financial difficulties. Together we will get through this.

Fight the Virus With US

Are you a finance professional that’s looking to join the cause and help those in need? We have various ways this can be done: Book some off time in your calendar to speak to those that need it, co-host a webinar or a Q&A session with us and various other activities.

If this is something that interests you, please contact us below and we’ll get you set up.