Cheap and Easy Paleo+Vegan meals for the foody nerd

What is Pegan Diet?

The word “pegan” is a combination of two words “paleo” and “vegan”. Paleo is the diet which our ancestors in the paleolithic era consumed.

At that time, plant based foods and meat from animals were the predominant source of nutrition and food. And the food was wild and free range sources, NOT refined in any manner.

The logic behind following our early humans diet is that if they could survive and propagate around the world, they must be clearly very nutritious. And researches have also proved that. The rich diversity of fruits and vegetables cover up pretty much all the nutrients you would otherwise get if you weren’t pegan.

Cheap Pegan diet plan

People hear some difficult or totally new word and they instantly think its costly. Pegan diet has a bad repo for, apparently, being “expensive” or “costly”.

That’s not true. 

You just need to know what food to pick at what time and where the best deals available. Eggs, for example, are super cheap. Buying meat closer to the expiry date (like one or two days before) is very cheap, compared to the fresh meat rates. You just have to cook it that day itself, nonetheless.

1. Veggie Packed Breakfast Frittata

Let’s start the day with a wholesome diet packed with greens! You just have to pour some olive oil, put in tomatoes, onions and baby spinach as well, and keep stirring occasionally. 

pegan diet - breakfast veggie frittata

You can continue doing other work such as packing kids lunch boxes or preparing for the interview in front of the mirror. I did that.

2. Paleo Granola

Pegan diet recommends you to avoid sugars as much as possible. But granolas don’t really have much sugar. INSTEAD, it has all the good fats for ya.

cheap pegan diet - paleo granola

Besides, the best part about  having a paleo granola is replacing all the grains (a big no in pegan diet) with nuts, seeds and cacao nibs. Take whatever nuts you have in your cupboard (I keep walnuts and hazelnuts). And coconut oil.

That’s it.

3. Bone Broth

The ingredients of this bone broth contain turmeric, garlic, shiitake mushroom and chicken bones. Yes, too many ingredients, but guess what, it’s worth it. 

This bone broth boosts your immunity substantially and is a perfect (if not perfecter) way to battle any flu, illness etc. 

cheap pegan meal - bone broth

You need 2-3 lbs chicken or chicken bones, onions, chopped onions, garlic, carrots and some baby spinach, if you want. And the shiitake mushrooms, of course.

4. Roasted Cauliflower Steaks with raisins and pine nuts

You just need cauliflower heads copped in the vertical way, an oven, extra virgin olive oil. Oh and the nuts mmmm…

paleo on a budget - cauliflower steak

Paleo on a budget

Like I said, being pegan or just the paleo parts of a pegan can be expensive.  Well, only if you let it. And if you don’t know the inexpensive paleo ingredients you can add instead and having the same nutritious and delicious goal.

5. Mushroom Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower is probably the second most versatile veggie (after potato, of course) in my opinion. 

And my sister is a sucker for mushroom, so I decided to add mushrooms too. All the more delicious and nutritious, eh?

paleo on a budget - mushrrom cauliflower rice

Just put down your cauliflower down a food processor until it looks like “rice”. Then pour it over your seasoned onions, celery and garlic. Add the mushrooms and stir fry it to the way you like it. Done.

6. Chocolate Chip Banana Pancake

You need a little mashed banana, two nice big eggs, apple sauce and flour made from almonds, coconuts and arrowroot. And the choco chips, of course.

paleo + vegan diet - chocochip banana pancake

The end result is a protein rich, tasty, delicious creamy nutty pancake. You may add almond butter or berries OR maple syrup on top to get more taste. I prefer maple syrup.

7. Cauliflower Fried Rice

Remember how we made Mushroom Cauliflower rice? Yeah, same as that, but you just have to add some cauliflower florets, shelled pumpkin seeds and fresh cilantro leaves.

meatless paleo diet

8. Fried Honey Bananas

This is such an incredibly easy, tasty and cheap recipe that requires just three tings: honey, slightly unripe bananas and coconut oil.

cheap and easy paleo + vegan - fried honey banana

That’s it. You know what to do with ’em ingredients, don’t you?

Cheap Meatless Paleo diet

Pegan necessarily means plant based and meat based. But many people are just “vegan” in the whole “pegan” thing. So here’s some cheap meatless paleo diets for you foodies.

9. Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie

Okay, this takes an hour and half long to prepare and finish, but its cheap and meatless paleo diet.

meatless paleo diet on a budget - shepard's pie

Basically, you just replace the meat with dry brown lentils, green peas, grounded thyme and oregano.


10. Vegan Coconut Curry with Sweet Potato noodles

You’ll be needing lots of ingredients such as carrots, coconut oil, red bell pepper, sweet potatoes, onions, coconut milk and more. The recipe is here.

paleo + vegan diet - coconut curry and sweet potato noodles

Budget friendly pegan diet recipes

11. Tomato Mussles

Mussels build muscles. Did you know that? Also, mussels are incredibly cheap.

budget friendly pegan diet receipes - tomato mussels

Just dice the tomato, basil and garlic. Add the tomato in a pot containing butter, and saute. After a couple of minutes, pour the rest of the ingredients inside the pot and cover the lid. Keep it covered until the mussels open.

12. Taco Soup

You would want to have home stocked chicken for this one.  Have grounded meet and chopped onions, jalapenos, zucchinis and tomatoes in hand. And then cook the way you would to tacos.

budget friendly pegan diet receipes - taco soup


So that’s all for today! I am pretty sure my sister is gonna go gaga over this whole pegan diet thing because she loves cooking and she is very very diet and body conscious.

So let me know in the comments below about how you liked these paleo + vegan recipes!!



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