16 Easy, Healthy and Cheap Meals Ideas on a Budget

Most people cannot afford to eat out at expensive restaurants everyday. In fact most of us usually opt for cheaper fast food outlets to avoid overspending on meals. This is quite unhealthy and could potentially cost you in future. Here is an easy prep combination of cheap meal options for every family or individual.

1. Grilled cheese and tomato soup

When you need an easy to prepare meal or an inexpensive yet delicious option, why not some grilled cheese with creamy tomato soup. This meal is not just comforting on a cold rainy day; you may adjust the ingredients to suit your dietary choices. How about different bread options paired with say goat cheese r whatever cheese you love on your grilled bread.

cheap delicious meals for individuals - grilled cheese and tomato soup

2. Oat meal and a banana

This is one of my favorite cheap meal ideas that is both filling and healthy. You can have oatmeal with a banana or more fruit regardless of what time it is. If you like, try a tablespoon of raw honey to sweeten your oats.

best cheap meal ideas - oats and banana

3. Roast with veggies

Pot roasts are great especially for family dinners on a budget. They are not only easy to make, but are a delicious combination of veggies and protein. It may take some time to make but it is worth every bite.

family dinners on a budget - roast with veggies

4. Fried rice

Rice is one of the most diverse starches that pairs with almost anything. Chicken over rice, rice and beans and the iconic stir fry rice. Stir fry is one of those cheap and easy meals that suits both families and individuals. Combined with all those lovely vegetables and spices, it is a delicious meal to have when you can’t spend too much on costly ingredients.

dinner on a budget - fried rice

5. Stir fry sausage?

If you’ve never had stir fried sausage then you might want to give it a try. It is a combination of Italian sausage, white onion and different colored peppers. It is a good replacement for meat when isn’t  an option. Stir fry sausage can go over pasta which it complements it perfectly.

healthy quick meals for families on a budget

6. Soups

Many people underestimate how reliable soups are. They are not only easy to make, but offer a variety of option for cheap means for families. Different types of soups and soup pairings make them an adaptable meal you can have on several occasions without getting bores. Some hearty soups have potatoes and all sorts of goodness that make them a top contender for top cheap meal ideas.

cheap meal ideas - soup

7. Stuffed potatoes

Need I say more? Stuffed potatoes can be supplemented with all sorts of complimentary add ons that not only make them delicious but also a  complete meal.

cheap healthy meals for kids- stuffed potatoes

8. Chicken

Chicken is the poster child for all cheap meal ideas. When you dint know what to have that is still within your budget, how about some chicken. This protein pairs well with several starches to make delicious and healthy combinations. While some combos take some time to prepare, they are worth the nutritional and monetary value.

cheap quick meals - chicken

9. Stuffed peppers

I love peppers stuffed with mushrooms and cheese. It is a budget friendly option that is also healthy, not to mention delicious.

budget friendly meals - stuffed peppers

10. Steak and potatoes

This combination is a staple on the cheap meals for families list. If you want to add some pizzazz to your steak and potatoes, try adding French beans on the side for that fresh crunch.

cheap meals for families - steak and potatoes

11. Eggs in purgatory

When meat is not an option, eggs can come in handy to provide a cheap and reliable protein option. Eggs in purgatory are basically eggs baked inside tomato sauce. This is a hearty dinner on a budget that feeds an entire family. The recipe is quite straightforward and doesn’t need a lot to prepare.

dinner on a budget - eggs in purgatory

12. Black bean burritos

Black beans are a good protein source and can be used instead of meats to create black bean burritos. These are cost effective options that you can get almost anywhere. These are a good option when you need a cheap and easy meal on the go.

cheap easy meal 2- black n=bean burrito

13. One pot pasta

Pasta is one of the easiest meals to prepare. One pot pastas are an easy way out if you’re trying to avoid the extra effort. When combine properly, one pot pastas are the best options for cheap quick meals. My favorite happens to be garlic tomato spaghetti, made in one pot.

cheap easy meals - pot pasta

14. Spinach and sausage calzones

Calzones are a good way to break the monotony of regular meals. You may choose healthier stuffing options that carry each food group including veggies and protein. Spinach and sausage calzones are both delicious and filling options for anyone who loves stuffed foods.

16 Easy, Healthy and Cheap Meals Ideas on a Budget

15. Beef stew

Famously known as poor man’s stew, beef stew is an essential for cheap meal ideas. It is an easy step by stem cheap meal to make ideal for families.

16 Easy, Healthy and Cheap Meals Ideas on a Budget

16. Chili

Chili is one of those hearty dishes you should consider every once in a while. You can play around with the recipes and make them your own while still sticking to your budget.

16 Easy, Healthy and Cheap Meals Ideas on a Budget

Final word

Sure fast food is easily accessible and cost effective, but it is not a healthy option. These 16 options are better replacements which are both cheap, easy make and healthy options.

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