20 Cheap decorating ideas under $399

A well decorated home is an expression of who you are and what you like. Decorating your home doesn’t have to be a bank breaking affair. You could do it for under $199 and still end up with a pretty satisfactory result. Here are our top 20 decorating ideas that will dazzle the eye without straining the wallet.

1. Home decor on a budget: Pop colors!

These are not only great for comfort but add much needed color pop around your home. If the pillows at your furniture shop are too expensive, you could buy plain white cheaper options and upholster them in your favorite fabric.

room decor ideas - colorful cushions

You only need sewing skills and 20$ for a nice colored fabric for a set of lovely cushions or pillows.

2. Some wall art

The best home decorating ideas on a budget are based on building up on what you already have. You can combine scattered art pieces in your home on one wall for a beautiful wall of art maybe over the fire place of to cover a blank wall. You could buy some art pieces at the flea market to hang up on your wall of art.

home decorating ideas on a budegt - wall art

3. Lamps

When you’re looking for cheap decorating ideas, lamps are a good beginning point. They are both functional and add some personality to the space. Plus, they are easy on the wallet.

cheap decorating ideas - lamps

4. Layer

When layering, the key is to create contrast and create a balance. You could incorporate layers of fabric with different textures over your couch maybe pieces of coral on the table for added texture.

decorating ideas - layering

You could buy reasonably priced items like miniature Zen gardens or smooth marble rocks to add an organic element to your décor.

5.Decorating on a budget? Mobiles

These aren’t only meant for babies cribs. Artistic mobiles may range in price put they are a beautiful way to add transitioning art to your space.

inexpensive decorating ideas - mobiles

6. Cheap home decor ideas: Mirrors

Mirrors bring in more light and make the room spacey-er. Investing in a mirror for you your décor will go a long way in improving your entire interior decoration scheme.

low budget decorating ideas - mirrors

7. Hang oversized texts

Oversized texts displayed on a wall are a simple way to draw attention to the wall or wherever the texts are placed. They are conveniently priced for under 25 bucks and come with various messages depending on what you like or want.

DIY home decor ideas - oversized texts

8.Simple decoration ideas: Odd but trendy

You can create a collection with several mismatched items from garage sales, flea markets or even antique stores. With a few of these odd items you could develop a theme in any one of your rooms for a few bucks.

how to decorate on a budget - oddballs

9. Change the walls

When you cannot afford to replace your furniture or upholster the entire set, why not buy some popping paint and cover your space. If your lease prevents you from painting over the walls, an appropriate wallpaper covering should do just fine.

home decor ideas for kids bedroom

10. Succulents and other plants

Plants are a great way to incorporate color and liveliness into your décor, literally. If you don’t trust yourself to care for a plat properly, get low maintenance succulents should survive a pretty long time while still adding a decorative element to your space.

cheap home decor ideas - succelents

11. Polka dots

You can never go wrong with polka dots especially when you’re decorating your home on a budget. Whether you’re using paint or paper, or art, polka dots are a good yet affordable way to decorate your home.

decorating home on a budget - polka dots

12. Drift wood or dream catchers

Hanging drift wood or dream catchers over several places in your home is a cheap way to incorporate nature like elements into your home.

artistic home decor ideas - driftwood

13. Decorate room with simple things: Books

When you’re a reading fanatic, or just like the smell of hardcopy books, they are bound to fill your space. Instead of forming clutter, you can use them as part of your decoration. This décor can be a buildup of all your favorite paper back or hardcover novels, biographies or even schoolbooks.

cheap decorating ideas - books

14. Cheap DIY home decor ideas :Shapes on the walls

Geometric shapes add a depth to any space. You may additionally use them as shelves for your books and stuff.

inexpensive home decor ideas - shapes

15. Weaved mats

Mats are not only comfy to step on but can tie together an entire room’s look. With the right type of mat, I prefer weaved ones, you could elevate the room’s décor in an instant.

DIY home docor ideas crafts - weaved mats

16. Stripes

With the right type of colored tape, you could decorate a plain colored wall into a stripe-y heaven. Tape over the wall is an inexpensive decorating idea for every home owner.

room decor ideas - stripes

17. Decorate with wicker

While many people think wicker is an outdoor piece of furniture, indoor wicker is a fantastic way to incorporate style and comfort into your space. You do not need an entire set. One reclining wicker chair with a bunch of pillows is more than enough.

DIY home decor ideas crafts - wicker

18. Maps

Framed maps of remote places, states or the world are a good way to add dimension to your space. They are overlooked room décor idea that is a good conversation starter.

inexpensive decorating ideas - maps

19. Hang up your art

Whether you fancy yourself a creative or not, you could come up with abstract pieces that you can hang over the bed in your bedroom or an obscure place in your home. All you need is some paint, brushes and canvas.

cheap decorating ideas - DIY art

20. Creative decor: window treatments

With the right window treatments, you could boost your décor from basic to fabulous. Sheer blinders are great for adding movement in the room especially when the fabric encounters wind.

low budget interior design ideas - sheer curtains

Final word

With all these ideas in mind, decorating under $399 doesn’t seem as farfetched anymore does it? It’s time to use these decor ideas for your next backyard party, on a budget!



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