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emergency grocery list

How to stock up for an emergency

Blog TLDR While people are taking rearguard action during an emergency, buying grocery and other essentials is an important aspect of the steps to be

panic buy

Do Not Panic Buy

Blog TLDR People have pressed the panic button during the COVID-19 crisis lockdown situation. In this blog, we discuss as to why people should stay

Backyard party on a budget

So you are planning a party on a budget, eh? Yay!! Parties! Who doesn’t love to party? Until… you become the host. Or hostess. And

Cheap and Easy Paleo+Vegan meals for the foody nerd

You just need to know what food to pick at what time and where the best deals available. Eggs, for example, are super cheap. Buying meat closer to the expiry date (like one or two days before) is very cheap, compared to the fresh meat rates. You just have to cook it that day itself, nonetheless.

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