Canada COVID-19 benefits for workers and self employed

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The COVID-19 crisis has had a major impact on the employment in Canada and there have been plenty of lay-offs. People are now turning to their Employment Insurance (EI). Here’s how you can claim EI benefits

Canada's COVID-19 Benefits for Workers and Self-employed People

While the COVID-19 situation has resulted in several casualties in the world in terms of health and well-being, the economic front has also taken a massive hit. In Canada, some people have already lost their jobs and those surviving on the daily income have gone into wilderness and depression. The government has announced the COVID-19 aid package for people who have been affected massively on the economic front. 

There are several benefits to those who are in quarantine right now or have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus situation. 

What is Employment Insurance?

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The Employment Insurance (EI) program provides temporary support to unemployed people while they are looking for a new job. The EI benefits are saviours to many who face the sudden impact of the lay-off. 

How do I get the benefits from the government during the COVID-19 ?

If you are suffering from COVID-19 and are under quarantine, you are eligible for EI benefits. If you are taking care of your family member who has COVID-19, you are still eligible for the EI benefits. All you have to do is go on the official website of the Canadian government and register yourself. 

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It is very important for you to know if you are eligible or not and if you are, getting the support is your right. 

What's in this infographic?

This infographic will give you a self-assessment of whether you qualify for the Employment Insurance benefits or not. It will also explain how the EI benefits work under the COVID-19 aid package and at the end of scrolling through the infographic, we are sure that you will find out your eligibility for the benefits. Take a look at it now! 

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