9 ways to travel the world cheap

Sometimes I want to be like Carmen Sandiego and travel the world, maybe not stealing precious items because that seems like a lot of work. However, unlike this sticky fingered flincher, I might not have the means or connections to successfully go to the pyramids of Giza and the leaning tower of Pisa.

If you share the same desire, you’re probably looking for cheap or even free ways to travel around the world and come back with your wallet intact. Here are 10 ways you may travel the world without breaking the bank.

1. Get paid to travel

If you are a fan of titanic, but can’t afford a voyage to some fabulous destination, working while you travel could be a cheaper way to enjoy a decent trip at the sea.

get paid to travel - crew member

With a short term contract as a crew member on say cruise ship, you could work as an entertainer as you enjoy your time off on someone else’s dime. While it isn’t the most glamorous job, you get to cruise the great open water and who knows, maybe you might see humpback whale.

2. Hitchhiking

If you’re wondering how to travel across the country for free, it’s as simple as back packing there. Carpooling is a good option but that requires planning and organizing which means EXPENSES. Sure it’s a bit risky to trust a stranger or a series of them to get you to where you need to go, but you could meet some pretty awesome g, not to mention the zero bucks spent on fuel.

travel cheap - hitchhiking

3. Rent or Swap your home

Renting out your home or swapping it with someone across the country opens the door for not only making some extra coins but to go to travel to another place. If you choose to swap homes, you will have to thoroughly vet your candidates because you want a home to come back to.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about boarding when you travel to your temporary location.

4. Wanna travel for free?

Competitions are the most convenient way of travelling the world cheaply. Travel contents don’t take much to apply and you stand the chance of winning the actual trip of even cash prizes. It may sound like a long shot, but hey, it could be your lucky day. You might not have a say on exactly where you’re headed, but who cares, it’s a free vacation.

travel for free- contest

5. Cheap travel? Group tours.

Travelling in groups is both fun and convenient. Apart from being able to share costs, you might be lucky enough to get a travel or stay discount. The best budget travels are executed it groups.

cheap travel means group travel

With the right planning and the right people, this could be one of the most enjoyable yet affordable ways to travel the globe. You must have excellent organizational skills for a good group trip otherwise it all falls apart.

6. Go in the off season

The best places to travel while on a budget are those that are not in season all year round. There are specific times in the year when such destinations are not on extremely high demand, making touring them cheaper. They are still as beautiful,

budget travel - off season

7. Another trick to travel the world free...

Charity works knows no bounds. If you’re up for the task, you may apply to work for charity organizations that work all over the globe. Depending on what volunteering work you want to do, you could travel to almost anywhere in the world.

travel the world free - volunteer abroad

8. Budget Travel = Smart Travel

Before you take a plane or train anywhere, do your research. There are usually budget options that offer budget travel for anyone travelling around the world.

budget travel - smart traveller

Flying smart across your destinations is dependent on how well you collect information on domestic fares and the likes. Don’t let ignorance cost you more on travels or cost you a discount on your flight.

9. Travel Green!

If you love to farm, World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, an international network of farmers gives once in a while opportunities to join farmers on another country where they .

travel green - farm work

 You need only pay a small membership fee and viola! You stand a chance to visit one of their affiliate 65 countries. In exchange for labor on the farm, you get free room and board provided.



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