Top 5 Jobs for Remote Working


This blog post will look at different types of remote work jobs so that you can find the right fit for you and make good use of your time while at home

How to find Remote Work Jobs?

When you think of remote work there are two jobs that immediately pop into most people heads. ESL teacher, and blog writer. Yes those are two popular ways to make money remotely from the comfort of your home or local cafe, but there lots of other options for you. This article will look at transcribing, translation and interpreting, and customer service jobs in addition to teaching and content writing.

1. Online Teaching/Tutoring Jobs

remote teaching jobs

Teaching jobs are still one of the most common types of remote work, but generally, people only look at ESL. Below are examples of both ESL and other types of teaching jobs such as math, science, history, and languages other than English.

ESL Teaching

ESL teaching is the most common subject to teach remotely, especially for those who want to teach kids (though teaching adults is an option too).

Education First

Education First Online english teaching jobs

EF, or Education First, (formerly English First) is the company I worked with in China, so they made the top of my list simply because I know the most about them as I also know people who teach online with them. With EF, there are opportunities to teach either kids or adults, though most of their advertising goes into trying to find kids teachers as that is there biggest market. 

Kids are as young as three, and adults can be 18 to any age. EF has both group lessons and one on one, and the classes are pre-planned, so all you need to do is familiarize yourself with the materials and be prepared to teach it and answer questions. Lesson lengths are 25 or 45 minutes long depending wha kind of class you are teaching.


VIP Kid is advertised all over China, and teachers with this company will only teach kids in China. The age range for VIP Kid is 4 to about 12, though from my own brief experience with the company it’s mainly the younger kids. Classes are all short, only 25 minutes long, and you get to choose what hours you want to work, though again they will probably be strange hours, late at night or very early mornings. Lessons are pre-made so no true lesson planning here.


iTutorGroup is a company that connects teachers to students throughout Asia. Through iTutorGroup you can teach kids or adults. Kids (Junior) are aged 5-18, and Adults are 18+, university students, working professionals or managers, or parents or retired workers. They also provide you with materials to teach so no need for lesson planning.


MyTutor is a website based out of the UK that lets tutors teach kids many subjects including, math, chemistry, biology, English, physics, etc. The site boasts having over 30 subjects available to be taught, but the above listed are the most commonly searched for. Lessons are also taught one on one. Because this is a UK based company they only hire UK residents. is an American site that connects tutors to students of all ages, from kids not even in school to adults in college. Some highly sought after subjects on the site are calculus, physics, chemistry, statistics, finance, economics, accounting, nursing, computer science, and help with essay writing at a college level. This company only hires tutors living in the USA but is another great option for those who don’t want to teach English. This company is also geared towards mainly military families who are often on the move.

Other Teaching Jobs

While teaching ESL is the most common job for remote teachers, it’s not the only option. If you have knowledge and training in another subject, it can probably be taught online, as long as it’s not a course that needs to be very hands-on.

2. Content Writing Jobs

content writing remote jobs

Content can mean a lot of different things. This could be writing a travel blog while you explore the world, or writing articles for a website, or helping people write resumes. This is the kind of work I personally do, with my own blogs as well as writing articles for websites.

Freelance Sites

There are freelance writing sites like writers work, and while it is a legitimate site, people leave varying reviews. Sites like this require you to sign up with them (and pay a fee) and then they will theoretically provide you with freelance jobs. They do seem to actually have jobs available, but there are way more writers than jobs. What I recommend instead is searching for job hiring sites like Indeed and LinkedIn. You can simply search for content writing jobs and hundreds will come up. This is how I found one of the sites I currently write for.


upwork remote jobs

Upwork is another popular platform for finding remote writing jobs, from academic articles, blogs, copywriting, ghostwriting, lyric writing, screenwriting, and more. Users simply sign up with the site, pick a niche or two, provide examples of previous writing work, and decide how much you will charge, either hourly or per word.

Blog Writing

Blog writing is becoming more and more popular all the time. Some people are able to make this into a full time job, while others do it as a hobby, or some extra money on the side. The main way people make money through writing blogs is usually by having ads that can earn a small amount of revenue per view or click. You can also become an affiliate for products and have links posted on your blog, such as selling items on Amazon or even a local company, then every time someone buys something from the link you earn a percentage. One of the most popular website to use for setting up your own blog is WordPress, and you can do that through this link.

Resume Writing

Resume writing jobs are becoming more common as well. To find jobs in this category you can make your own job listing through sites like Craigslist and Kijiji, or find websites that hire such as Talent Inc.

3. Transcriber Jobs

transcribe remote jobs

Transcription work is great for those who have a good ear, particularly with accents or even if you speak multiple languages. Transcribers listen to audio clips (sometimes videos) and type what they hear. This sounds pretty easy but you do have to learn the punctuation of transcribing, and what to type when people use filler words like “um” or use slang in a professional audio clip. Medical transcription jobs are also listed separately from other transcription jobs.


Aberdeen is a website that provides captioning and transcription jobs for people to work remotely or from their location in California. You can transcribe pre recorded clips or work as a real-time captioner, but this requires more skill and experience. Applicants must also pass a test before they can start transcribing.


iMedX is a transcription site specifically for those with experience in medical transcription. They offer full and part time work, and applicants must first pass a test that is specific to the kind of medical transcription work they are applying for.

4.Customer Service Jobs

customer service remote jobs

Remote customer service jobs can be done either by typing, or using a headset to talk to people over the phone or through a website. If you’re an online shopper like I am and seen the “help” button, or even had a little speech bubble pop up offering to help you, that’s generally the kind of work we’re talking about here.


Remotive is a site you can use to find customer service jobs, mainly in customer support either online or over the phone for customers using a website or product. You can subscribe to their email list on the linked page and get updates for customer service jobs.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely can be used to find lots of remote work such as programming, design, copywriting, customer service, and more. But I took a closer look at their customer support section which has jobs like technical support for websites, either by phone or online, customer support engineer (more the technical side of help), and support operations. While the jobs are all remote some are only for citizens of specific countries.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads is a site similar to We Work Remotely in that there are lots of categories of work, but I took a closer look at customer success (customer service). In this category they have listings for helping customers, again online or by phone, technical support jobs, as well as some listings that can include coding and accounting as part of the job descriptions.

5.Translator and Interpreter Jobs

translator jobs online

If you are fully or even mostly bilingual (or trilingual, etc.), then translator jobs might be great for you. Online translation jobs are often things like translating text such as news stories, articles, web pages, or books. Most translation jobs are translating a language into English, but sometimes it’s the other way around.

CanTalk Canada

CanTalk Canada is a site for Canadians looking for translation or interpreter jobs, mainly looking for bilingual (French and English) speakers, or people who speak different Indigenous languages. Japanese and Mandarin are also common languages needing translation or interpretation.

Final Thoughts

These are just a handful of common remote work jobs that you can find. The list is growing longer constantly as the world moves towards online work, particularly now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost all desk jobs can be done remotely, and other work is moving in this direction as well. Of course, many jobs will always have to stay in person, but I think we’ll be seeing a real shift towards remote work being more of a norm even after this pandemic passes.

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