Pros and Cons of Hostels

pros and cons of hostels

Blog TLDR This post will look at what a hostel is, and my own pros and cons of staying in them while traveling. What is a Hostel? Many people choose to stay in hostels when they travel, especially those traveling ‘backpacker style’. Before we jump into the pros and cons of staying in hostels, let’s […]

Top 5 Websites For Teaching English Online

online english teaching jobs

Blog TLDR This post will look at some of the best websites for online teaching english jobs Let’s face it, more and more people want the freedom to work from home, or anywhere with a laptop and good internet, and in 2020, it’s never been easier. Particularly with the coronavirus spreading around the world, more […]

How to Set Yourself Up for Remote Work

how to work remotely

Blog TLDR This blog post will look at my own ongoing journey of remote working. The Remote Working Mindset Now more than ever, people are turning to remote work either because they want to, or they have to. For myself, I’ve been focusing on working mainly remotely for a while now, and it’s still an […]

10 Fun Ways to do Remote Team Building or Morale Boosting

remote team building

Blog TLDR This post will look at 10 different ways your work family can do team building activities remotely. Great Virtual Games Because of COVID-19 it’s important that we all practise social distancing, meaning many workplaces have moved to either mostly or totally remote work. But that can get lonely and maybe a bit of […]

Top 5 Jobs for Remote Working

remote working jobs

Blog TLDR This blog post will look at different types of remote work jobs so that you can find the right fit for you and make good use of your time while at home How to find Remote Work Jobs? When you think of remote work there are two jobs that immediately pop into most […]

9 Remote Working Tools for Better Productivity

remote working tools

Blog TLDR This blog post will look at what websites and platforms can help you work remotely more effectively. How to Start Remote Working Whether you’re a full time or even part time digital nomad, or working remotely temporarily due to Covid-19, there are a number of websites and platforms that are helpful to all […]

Top 5 Working Away Programs

best work away programs for canadians

Blog TLDR This blog post will look at my 5 favourite companies that can help your plan your dream working holiday so you can travel and gain new experience. Best Working Away Programs Many people want to be able to travel for longer periods of time and to be able to do so without spending […]

Comparing the Cost of Living in Winnipeg vs. Toronto

cost of living winnipeg vs toronto

Blog TLDR This blog post will compare general living costs for these two Canadian cities, for students and recent graduates. Comparing the two cities: Winnipeg vs Toronto Toronto is one of the most well-known cities in Canada, so well known that some people even think it’s the capital (that’s Ottawa but good try). For many […]

So you want to take a Gap Year

So you want to take a Gap Year

Blog TLDR This blog post will cover the importance of taking a gap year, and different ways you can achieve this. My Gap Year Journey After university, I still wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with my life, and I think that’s a pretty relatable feeling for a lot of young people. For […]