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Why are credit scores different between agencies?

Credit scores may vary between different agencies based on the type of data they are collecting on you.

The data used to determine credit scores is similar in almost all credit scoring agencies. However, in some cases, one agency may have access to unique information about your financial profile that may not be available to other agencies.

There are several credit scoring models. The way consumer financial data is analyzed may vary depending on the credit scoring model that an agency is using; this may cause noticeable differences in the final credit scores. Finally, it is essential to note that the data used by credit scoring agencies comes directly from lenders. Lenders have the right to decide what types of information they share with bureaus and which info they withhold.

Some lenders may sometimes withhold essential data about a consumer from one credit agency and give it to another; this will then cause some variation in the credit scores. Ultimately, the differences in credit scores are entirely determined by the data available to these credit agencies and the model they use to score your credit.

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