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What equipment do I need to work remotely?

The short answer is honestly, not a lot. To work remotely you’ll need at minimum, a working computer and a reliable internet connection.

Yes, getting started working remotely is that easy in terms of equipment. Many digital nomads are able to do their jobs with only a laptop and a strong wifi connection. If you work in customer service online you may also need a phone and/or headphones with a microphone. A good set of headphones with a microphone is also essential if you are an online teacher. If you are a blog writer or content producer you may also need a camera and possibly a proper recording microphone if you’re making your own content for people to read and/or watch. You’ll want a quiet place to work so you can focus, and a good chair with proper back support if you’ll be doing lots of sitting. Now you’re all set to start working remotely!

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