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What Affects My Credit Score the Most?

How you pay your bills and the consistency of paying them have the most influence on your credit score. Therefore, you should pay your bills always on time in full amount.

There are many factors that affect your credit score such as the credit utilization rate and management of credit products. For more information, check ou article on Why Did My Credit Score Drop? Out of all the factors, our payment history has the most impact on our credit score. Lenders need to look at your payment history to determine if you can be trusted with paying debts. Credit scores decrease if missed late payments come up to 30 days. If this continues to 120 days or longer, there are chances of further lowering your credit score or closing your account altogether.  A troubled credit score can appear in your credit history for up to 6 years. Paying your bills on time or as soon as possible are keys to improving your credit score. To keep up with your payments, try setting up automatic payments or negotiate with lenders to extend the payment due date.

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