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How many days will overdue hurt my credit score?

Late payment credit score impact is not up to 30 days as it is not reported to the credit bureaus, and only beyond it, each late payment will reduce the credit score by 100 points. 

Credit bureaus consider non-payments of even utilities or cell phone bills as late fees. But all will not drag down the credit score, and only those who have crossed more than 30 days will do it by 100 points. Any reason, including a postal strike or non-receiving of the statement or whatever, the late payments have to be paid within 30 days or have to wait for a long time to repair the credit score back to its original level.

All credit accounts are assigned with numbers 0 to 9 to start with a new account. Number 1 denotes that the credit account is with zero late payments, and nine denotes that the credit account is bankrupt.

To keep the credit accounts at number 1 by even honoring payments, missed by technical or other reasons that are not your fault, is essential. Only credit scores beyond the 650 magic number and credit accounts with the number 1 make it easy and fast to avail of the best loans available. And on the contrary, the score going down by 100 points for one late payment and the number going down from 1 to 9 makes you not eligible for availing any loans whatsoever for a long time.

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