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Is my Credit Score linked with my SIN Number?

Yes, the credit score or credit report is linked with your SIN Number.

  • The credit report comprises of details about your present and past personal and financial situation.
  • Information like current and past addresses, name, Social Insurance Number or SIN, phone number, date of birth and precious and present employer details are included in the credit report and hence it is linked to your credit score as well.
  • A credit report is the summary of your previous and past credit history and it is created when the person borrows money or applies for a credit account for the first time. A credit score is the 3 digit score that is generated based on the information available in the credit report. Social Insurance Number comprises of all your personal details and hence it is obligatory to link your SIN with your credit score.
  • SIN is mainly used in Canada to obtain personal details of the residents and it is always linked to Credit Score.

But when it comes to checking credit score you don’t need your SIN. People can even Check Credit Score without SSN or Social Security Number. So, it is clear that SIN is obligatory in Canada and it needs to be linked with the credit score.

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