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How do I avoid work from home scams?

The easy answer is; trust your gut and do your research.

While there are hundreds if not thousands of online work from home jobs to choose from, there are an equal number (if not more) of scams out there as well. If something sounds too good to be true, there’s a good chance it is. But here are some things to watch out for when searching for work from home. If they ask for money up-front with a promise of making it back and more, quickly, there’s a good chance they just want your money. If you don’t speak with or see a real person at any point, there’s reason to be suspicious. Most employers, even online, will still want a face to face meeting of some kind, or at least over the phone. If the job description lacks detail and you can’t find information about what they do on their website, there’s a good chance it’s a scam. And lastly, if there is little or no information on the company available online, that’s not a good sign. Sure if it’s a start-up, it could still be legit, but most companies will have a website, and various social media accounts, and maybe reviews written about them on sites like Glassdoor.

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