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How do I lower Interest Rates in my Credit Card Account?

Well, there are many ways indeed to lower your interest rate once the 0% introductory rates expire in your credit card account. But, you need to equip yourself with the right skills and talent to lower the interest rates. The best methods to lower the Credit Card Interest Rates in your credit card account are mentioned below.

  1. Sticking with your existing credit card account and negotiating with the lender for a lower interest rate is always better than getting a new credit card. Negotiating with the lenders and promising to continue with their credit card account will help you lower your credit card interest rates.
  2. Transferring the balance to a new credit card account will help lower rates. If you find that negotiating is not helping to secure lower rates, you may shop around and get a new credit card account and transfer the balance to get a lower interest rate.
  3. Once you are locked to a new lower interest rate, it is not the time to sit back and enjoy because the interest rates are subjected to a variety of variables and most of them are within your control indeed. You must pay your balance timely, avoid late payments, don’t exceed credit limit above 35% and keep checking your credit score yearly.

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