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Does my immigrant status affect my credit Score?

No, your immigrant status does not affect your credit score

On the contrary, several immigrants have no credit scores and are given time to build a credit history from scratch. Building a credit history is necessary to partake in Government-run programs and may take anywhere between 3-6 months to get started. 


The main intention of maintaining a good credit score is to show that you are self-sufficient and will not rely on public services to be eligible for a green card. To begin with, immigrants will need at least one credit account, which you can get by contacting a reputed lending firm offering a guaranteed sum. Alternatively, immigrants can seek help from a family/friend to co-sign a loan. Immigrants can also rely on a prepaid debit card to report financial activities to credit agencies.


For the fortunate few who don’t have a credit report, they may even stand a chance to be in good standing if the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services find them with little or no debt when it comes to timely bill payments. Moreover, the Department of Homeland Security makes exceptions in some cases, such as when an immigrant is unemployed or just finished their education by extending time on public aid. 

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