Changing the way you save and spend.

Finance shouldn’t be this hard.

7 apps, 1 excel sheet, a folder of receipts…
and you still don’t know how much you spent on groceries.

Personal finance made

On average, you’re spending 2.5 hours a week managing your finances. We’ll cut it to a few minutes.
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Stop digging through boxes of receipts.
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Stop searching what an RRSP is for the 100th time.
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Stop opening 5 different apps to pay a bill.
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Stop missing a bill payment.
It’s 2019, it’s about time we end financial clutter.
Spend 2 minutes in the app.
Save 40 minutes everywhere else.
A unified space for all your personal finances. A few simple screens, saving you from a long, stressful time. 
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Chango_, financial literacy app
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Scroll this image, and see the magic.

Chango_finance management app
Chango_, financial literacy app

The expense tracker you've wished for.

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Your transactions are labelled so you can easily spend and so Chango can better help you manage your finances.

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Your transactions and receipts go hand-in-hand, so let’s not split them. We keep them together.

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"Needs and Wants"

We label your transaction as Needs and Wants. When it’s time to save or change habits, you'll be ready.

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Multiple Accounts

Chango can manage multiple accounts, so there is no need for separate apps to figure out your balance.

85% of adults feel financial anxiety.
We can change that.

Get Chango and let us take the pressure off. 

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  • Our Promise

A financial expert in your pocket.

Information you can trust
A place where you are able to learn trusted financial information. We’re here to provide you value and not sign you up for another credit card. Our information is bias-free.

Learn about what matters to you
Everybody is at different stages in their financial life. With Chango, you pick what matters most to you and we’ll provide the tools for you to get there. Whether it’s a rainy day fund, travel hacks, or how soon you can afford to upgrade your Phone. Help will be at your fingertips.

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Dictionary built for modern day finance.

Quick and Easy
You’re searching for a definition, you start to think you have an understanding, 4 tabs later, and you’re more confused than when you first started. We’ve all been there.

Complicated Terms Made Easy
Our dictionary is built for modern day finance. Quick and simple answers that will give you the knowledge to make decisions.
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We’ve been through it and know how hard it is, so this is our promise to you.

You’re starting a new journey that will truly impact you and make a big change in your life. Which is why we’re here for you through each step. Finance can be hard, it can be scary, but it has a bright side. It can let you create experiences, it can let you gain the knowledge needed to change someone’s life. We’re here to help you, educate you, and make your life simple. To bring you the most value so that we can grow together, helping you make great things.

Budget tracking kept simple.

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Learn as you progress... e.g. Did you overspend again? Go to our guides and see how we can set you back on track.


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It's Easy

Budget tracking should be simple. See how you’re doing in each category and how much you have left to spend.


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Dig Deeper

Understand about your overspending, in which categories and receive information on the number of transactions.


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Tailor your budgets to your preferred categories. Use any of our 29 categories to keep track of how you’re doing overall.


You're Safe With Us.

We’re serious about security and how we handle data. First things first, we only have read access into your account, which means we can only see and CAN’T make any changes. We NEVER store any bank usernames or passwords. All data is still securely transmitted using TLS. We encrypt all data using bank-level security. Chango was developed with security and privacy in mind. Trust is hard-earned, and we take yours seriously. 

About us

Your dream personal finance app

We’re working towards something big. Finance is tricky. It can be scary, daunting, and the list can go on forever. But it shouldn’t be like this, we can get things delivered to us from across the world, have all the movies ever made at our fingertips, but our personal finance, the most important thing, is scattered. It shouldn’t be like this; that’s why we’re working on fixing it. We’re bringing back the human experience to personal finance.

Our Mission

Our mission revolves around you, bringing you value that matters to you for finance. We want you to be in control and, most of all, have the time to experience more.

Our Vision

Our vision is a grand one, but it’s simple. We’re creating a unified financial world, and empowering each person to make smarter choices.

Our Magic

See what powers us.

We built our system from the ground up, focused on helping you with your financial matters. With the power of machine-learning and artificial intelligence, we can grow with you and adapt to you. Everyone is different, so we don’t apply a single size that tries to fit all. Because of this strategy, we can deliver unique insights to you. We can help you with your spending, and put you on a path that works for you.

Above all, we make sure you’re in control of your finances.


Have a Question?

When you connect your bank account with us, we only get transactional information. Usernames, passwords, and credentials are NEVER stored or collected.

If you notice a mislabelled transaction you can click on it, correct it with the right label, and our A.I will learn from it. (You won’t have to worry about that ever again.)

You can connect your bank accounts from all major Canadian institutions and connect most credit cards as well. Allowing you to track all purchases and payments made between them!

Yes! Clear and simple options to add transactions and bill payments, manually built right in the dashboard. (No more going through layers of menus)

This is the bread and butter of what Chango offers! Our machine-learning algorithm processes thousands of transactions and organizes them over 29 categories. Although not everyone has the same “needs” and “wants”, that gap is filled as Chango gets used to your transactions, learning and growing as you spend and save!

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